October 1 - November 15, 2022

Give Boots to 🇺🇦Defenders

Congratulations to all 460 participants from 16 countries around the world!

Registration is now closed. Follow our Instagram page for future events.

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All proceeds, totalling 38,000 CAD, are directed towards purchasing 502 pairs of winter military boots and 252 pairs of military socks for the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

Follow our new Instagram page for further updates on accounts of the fulfillment of our joint mission.

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Our 2022 Goal: Reached

To raise money and purchase winter military boots PatriBoots Otaman (manufactured in Ukraine) and military socks CovertThreads (manufactured in USA) for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Winter is the toughest season of the year when everything is cold, especially feet! To make sure that our defenders’ health is in good shape and they continue to stay strong and defend Ukraine, we need to supply them with winter boots! We, here in Canada, know everything about freezing cold weather conditions and tough winters! It’s very important to support Ukrainian defenders and provide them with winter boots.



Each registered runner will receive a specially designed medal mailed directly to their home! And you too! We will mail the medal to the address included in the registration form within 4 weeks.

The design of the medal is the result of creativity of two Ukrainian designers Anton Masalov and Mariia Meshta. And it has already become legendary!

Anton’s idea behind this design reflects the historical union of Canada and Ukraine, which he expressed in the merging of the Canadian maple leaf and Ukrainian trident.

Mariia's idea features blue and yellow dots as representation of fleeing Ukrainians, who were forced out of their homes and cities that were destroyed. Although many Ukrainians are now spread around the world, they continue to help daily in order to bring our victory closer.

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Our #RunForUkraine - Give Boots to Defenders campaign will take place in a virtual format, and so anyone in Canada or anywhere in the World can participate in it! Runners can choose their preferred location, time and distance. It can be 5k, 10k, 21k, 42k or any other distance. And don’t forget to share your results and achievements on your social media pages tagging @secondfrontua and #RunForUkraine

  1. October 1, 2022
    The start of the run. Share with everyone that we have started!
  2. Anytime before November 15
    We all run a chosen distance!
  3. Right after the run
    Post pictures or/and videos on your social media tagging @secondfrontua and #RunForUkraine
  4. November 15, 2022
    Finish of all runs. We'll start to count all proceeds and ordering the military boots and socks
  5. November 2022
    we ship military boots and socks to defenders on the front line. The Victory of Ukraine is one step closer!

Registration is now closed.
We are thankfull to all participants for the support. We'll be posting updates regarding sending footwear to Ukrainian defenders on our social media channels. We'll be sending out participants' medals and merchandise shortly.

If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected]

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OUR Team

Canadian volunteer organization Second Front Ukraine Foundation is an officially registered non-for-profit organization. Foundation works with reliable partners all over North America and in Ukraine to deliver goods and supplies to Ukrainians who fight against russian aggression. Second Front became the first non-profit organization in Canada that successfully delivered 1000 bulletproof vests since the beginning of the full scale war in Ukraine launched by russia


For your inspiration here are some of the pictures from our previous runs: Toronto Marathon - 2022 and Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend - 2022.

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