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Our goal is to collectively run 6992km and raise funds for the purchase of tactical radios for our defenders in Ukraine.

#RunForUkraine — 2023 — a new global season!

In the new 2023 running season, #RunForUkraine is becoming a truly international running initiative. This year we have a global mission - #RunForUkraine Around Ukraine, that was created to unite the whole world around Ukraine and its integrity! The idea is to run anywhere in the world, make a donation at www.runforukraine.ca and see your contributions being converted into kilometers on our website so at some point all together we can reach the goal of running 6992 km in total!

Why exactly 6992 km?

6992,982 km — is the total length of Ukraine’s state border officially recognized in 1991 when Ukraine gained its Independence. The length of the land border line is 5,618 km, and the length of the sea border line is 1,355 km. And now because of the war that Russia insidiously unleashed against us, we must defend every centimeter of our land.

How will the total running distance be calculated?

It’s simple! Each of 10 CAD donated = 1 km of the state border of Ukraine.

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Hello everyone!

My name is Amelina Olga, and I am a marathon runner, an ideological inspirer and the leader of the #RunForUkraine project.
Together with the volunteer team of Second Front Ukraine Foundation @secondfrontua we launched the #RunForUkraine project in the spring of 2022, which quickly grew into an international initiative and united the global running community around Ukraine.

The main idea was to call the running community to the topic of a full-scale war in Ukraine, unite as many goal-oriented achievers as possible to #RunForUkraine together, raise money and help defenders of Ukraine. The most important goal for us is to make Ukraine's VICTORY happen as soon as possible by organizing all kinds of running initiatives!

For the first time, #RunForUkraine showcased itself loudly at the Toronto Marathon in May 2022, where hundreds of athletes and amateurs were running in special #RunForUkraine yellow t-shirts. Then there were the Ottawa Tamarack Marathon, the Chicago Marathon, the Toronto Waterfront Marathon, the Tel Aviv Marathon, as well as a huge fundraising initiative for winter military boots for defenders, 19 charity runs across Canada and the world, Ambassadors of different countries supporting us, politicians, stars, musicians... And all of that for our beloved Ukraine!

We do not plan to stop! We plan to continue running for Ukraine, raise money to make the victory of Ukraine happen as soon as possible!


#RunForUkraine is a global community that unites runners and athletes from all over the world to support and help Ukraine and the Ukrainian military.

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